The Tiradentes Culture and Gastronomy Festival already existed, featuring attractions,
as well as domestically and internationally renowned culinary professionals.

Our challenge was to make media professionals and opinion
formers feel as important as the greatest chefs in the world.


TAO joined the project as the agency responsible for
working with media outlets in São Paulo. With the launch
of the Fartura Gastronomia project, however, our scope of
work expanded to include working with national press outlets.


Through detailed analysis and tactical creativity, we transformed
each moment into a unique experience.
Furthermore, we made Fartura Gastronomia
and the Tiradentes Festival into objects of desire.


TAO’s responsibilities grew as the client grew, and, in 2015,
we were made responsible for all public relations for the
Tiradentes Festival and for all editions of Fartura Gastronomia,
which takes place in various capital cities throughout Brazil.

Through personalized service, guests began to enjoy all the
festival had to offer and shared this positive image with the target audience.


Today, both festivals have strong and consolidated
images with media and with opinion formers.

With innovative PR strategies and constant work on relationships,
both events will always be at the top of the list for foodies.


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